Marxist Inc.

In this directory you will find companies that by supporting communistic ideals and organizations we list them here as “Marxist Inc corporations”. These companies claim that say they are American Capitalist companies but, in their actions, they are monopolistic and seek to be installed as the only game in town by a tyrannical government. They lobby to get advantages over all competitors regardless of the consequences to our economy or the people of the US. They support hate and give generously to communist organizations. Consequently, they have been designated here as “Marxist Inc corporations”.
During the last few years, we have seen many of our major US companies who have so much invested in global interests that they no longer can be viewed as America First companies. They have bought into the globalist lie that America is somehow an evil country fought with systemic racism. They hide behind fake virtue signaling movements that take up the causes of race discrimination or gay rights just to mention a few. Anything to bring division. These companies are not virtuous at all, but only motivated by the gods of money and power. However, they somehow feel that by supporting these causes with their corporate dollars that they are somehow good and noble, bragging about the moral high ground and touting their hypocritical values.

For example, most listed here have supported the Marxist lead Black Lives Matter organization. The idea and slogan that the BLM Organization co-opted “Black Lives Matter” is sound in philosophy and it is every bit as true as “White Lives Matter”. However, if you say that publicly then the left will unjustifiably label you as a racist. This statement alone written here will label Defund the Cabal as a racist website and that we reflect hate speech. On the contrary we are a multi-cultural friendly organization and welcome all freedom loving people. This is what our country was built on. Freedom and equality. Frankly, these race baiters and accusers do not make a bit of sense and the ones who follow that cult like religion are completely brainwashed. If people do a little research, they will know what we claim her is true. Additionally, these globalist style companies have been sympathetic and supported ultra-liberal political candidates, causes with communist values that promote systemic hate of America. They support the BLM Organization with millions of dollars and hide behind a false identity of some sort of justice for the oppressed. All the while they could care less about black lives. This ideology seems to make these companies and the people who associate with their brands feel superior by being some sort of social justice warriors. In truth, is they are just virtue signaling hypocrites showing everyone how righteous they are when in truth, they are phony. They are the ones who want to label people by their ethnic background and not as American. Who is calling out differences in this labeling process? They are the ones making differences between races. They are the true bigots. American Patriots are all colorless and color blind valuing people and equality.

Additionally, these listed companies here funneled millions into other liberal causes that destroy the moral fabric of our society. They revise history, pushing propaganda and ideologies like for example Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is flawed from the start and lacks critical evaluation of the obvious, arguing that racism and white supremacy are defining elements of American. They can hardly recognize the power of the Civil Rights movement of the ’60s that created great advantages to rectify true racism in our country. Yes, we did have systemic racism then but today it is almost disappeared. They must make things up to justify these theories. They minimize the great work of people like Martin Luther King Jr. who by no-violent protest, boycotts and civil disobedience changed American for the better. These changes are self-evident and still going on today regardless.

Communism has always failed to bring equality and prosperity to any nation who has adopted its ideology. These communists are purveyors of violence, division, and seed confusion among citizens of free countries with the goal of economic tyranny. Their play book to accomplish such things is in the literature and available for anyone who would care to see what the tactics are to their revolution. All we are seeing in America today of race baiting and propaganda fueled rhetoric is part of the plan. Whites against Blacks, the rich against the poor and women against men and gay against straight all these are manufactured to disrupt the peace and security of a nation. Distorting History and undermining education and controlling media are some of their best tools to accomplish a takeover. All of these are tactics of this obvious socialist revolutions reminiscent of past coups and this one is no different. These people need to be stopped and you and I are what stand in between freedom and tyranny. Marxist Inc corporations have an agenda and if you spend any time on this site and watch the videos or read articles hosted here you will start to see for yourself an unmistakable pattern. However, the great awakening has begun and We the People are not going to let these greedy and Godless people win. You and I have the power to change things and this website is only a part of what is going on to bring about that change. Peaceful non-violent change. We will not be tricked into violence. We will with the Truth.