Have you ever wondered how the Nazis took control of Germany before WWII?  Well, consider the fact that the rise of the Third Retch has seldom been discussed or taught in American schools or Universities. Because of that, you might not recognize the symptoms of it even if bit you on the butt.  Well, we are here and if you look just a bit closer to what is happening, you must feel the teeth of that bulldog clinching you on your left gluteus maximus.

Recently I read a good article in Human Events an American political news and analysis newspaper online titled: “Big Business and Big Government Prepare for Socialist Merger Under Biden-Harris”. It is a good read and I’d suggest reading it. Written by Charlie Kirkhttps://is.gd/LVEqwe

With that article in mind, I am writing this blog post.  The news is filled with excessive overreaches by this new Biden/Harrison government. Presidential Executive Order is being handed out like candy corn at a Halloween party. Everything that Trump did to win the hearts of the American people with a groundswell of support is being dismantled. Unfair trade agreements, wars, and international tensions are being escalated and the news and big business are not making a note or mention of it.  What is in the news is the Jan 6th so-called Insurrection and the illegal and unconstitutional impeach of a President that is not even currently in office. The madness is ramped up, and most Americans are numb still by the takeover and deception we are experiencing. Most know something is wrong but can’t seem to get through the fog of censorship and brainwashing.

It is beyond our comprehension that we are fast becoming a Nazi-controlled country with Brown Shirts (ANTFI – BLM) Quasi Protesters. Currently, they seem to be out of the picture due to the enemy (Trump) not being in the picture for an excuse to riot.  I predict they will resurface as thugs to come against Trumpeter’s and Christians who do not join in lockstep with the new administration or use the fake administration’s virtual signaling to start trouble. either way, you will see more of them in the near future. I guess they are being re-trained to do the dirty work of the party going forward as the good guy social justice warriors.

In the article from Human Events mentioned above, I have lifted out some quotes that I think will give you a little insight and context to the problem and optics we are experiencing. The following quote outlines just why people need to be participating in the DEFUND THE CABAL activism of making your vote count by boycotting these large multi-national cabal companies. Charlie Kirk in the article points out the conflict perfectly here by saying, … “the battle is not government vs. business, but big business and big government vs. the average American citizen”

Kirk further unveils from an article by Alexander Nazaryan that he is quoting from a Yahoo News writer that explains and identifies these bad actors… “Sanders and Biden are progressives. Both favor a union between an immensely powerful central government and a handful of very powerful large corporations that can be consolidated to design and implement national political and economic “plans.”

These people like AOC and the Five often use the term “progressive,” which has evolved over time and took its current meaning right around 1900.  It is really just a euphemism for people who want to step in and manage most-to-all aspects of American life. Basically, they are what we in today’s culture we call Control Freaks.  These are not your classic liberals who believe live and let live with compassion and support ideas and policy to help the poor or disenfranchised. These progressives are purely a political class who use these noble ideas to spread division to a political end. Even the term “liberal” has been distorted in this bizarro world the Socialist/Nazi group think. At one time being a classic liberal was more of a libertarian in thought. It seems the goalposts have been moved and the boundaries are gray and constantly changing.

It seems the two factions of this Biden/Harris flavor of governance and the Socialist team of AOC and Sanders and the like, favor a union between an immensely powerful central government and a handful of very powerful large corporations that can be consolidated to design and implement national political and economic laws. So you can see this is a two-front war of ideas.  They both seem to be working together but if we can take the power of one of these factions we can start the infighting between the two and take the power from them and get our country back.  In this website DEFUND THE CABAL we can cripple the power of the AOC/Sanders Socialistic side by relinquishing the power of big business and calling them out for supporting the left with fuel to perpetuate their plan. These companies are monopolistic in nature and by We the People supporting local diverse businesses in our communities and boycotting these globalist corporations they will go broke or at least not have money to support their communistic endeavors. The best thing for Capitalism is to destroy these cabal companies and replace them with true American 1st companies. Join us in this cause and fight the cabal by visiting our site often and becoming an activist and sharing the idea with friends.