At the same time that the left is preparing you for the Great Reset, there is an organic movement that is comprised of millions of Americans who are aware of the discrepancies of the 2020 US Federal election.  This is fast becoming a movement at the ground level with millions of boots on the ground. America is under attack and being taken over by neo-nazi socialists right under our noses.  This generation might be our last hope of stopping the globalist agenda that is destroying America.

Everyone you talk to seems to know something is wrong but they feel powerless to do anything about it.  Many are so discouraged that they are giving up and accepting the idea that it is too late and without an honest voting system we are just done. They are being intimidated by the leftist ideology and treats. Big Tech is removing anyone with a different narrative about the elections. This is becoming more bizarre by the day.

Before you quit and just give up, become activists! Stop trying to find ways to be incognito, going off all social media, and just not talking about what is on your mind. Don’t be afraid of the repercussions that you might endure.  Yes, mainline news reporters on television are saying that people who hold certain views should be investigated.  Don’t be intimidated by the left who might be going after people for having different views.  You can do something very concrete and make your vote count again.

Start accessing the website DEFUND THE CABAL and begin your campaign of tipping the balance in the opposite direction.  VOTE with your wallet. Cut them off at the knees by defunding these companies that support these radical ideas and promote the demise of America. You can make a difference by making your DOLLAR votes count!